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Communications Manager: Helping You Navigate the Complex Video Coming Soon

Emily  Torgerson

Emily Torgerson
Communications Manager
National CooperativeRx

5510 Research Park Dr, Suite 150,
Fitchburg, WI 53711


Career Clusters / Help Topics:

  • Arts, Audio/Video Technology and Communications
  • Business Management and Administration

As the communications manager at National CooperativeRx, Emily develops an effective communications strategy to increase organizational awareness in the pharmacy benefits industry. With a passion for written communication, Emily creates and implements materials including blog posts, educational briefs, web content, and social media. She specializes in making complex information quick and easy to comprehend.

From the age of five, Emily Torgerson knew she had a gift for writing that she wanted to apply to her future career. Emily’s current role at a pharmacy benefit company allows her to make the complicated pharmacy benefit world easy to comprehend for members. In this talk, Emily will lay out the qualities needed to be an excellent communicator, necessary education/training and the circumstances which led her to her position at National CooperativeRx

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