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Speaking of Speech: It’s so much more than just speech! - View the video

Brigitte  Waldier

Brigitte Waldier
Speech and Language Therapist
CI Pediatric Therapy

2927 Fish Hatchery
Fitchburg, WI 53713


Career Clusters / Help Topics:

  • Health Science

Brigitte completed her degree from the University of Iowa where she received her master in Speech and Language Pathology and certificate in American Sign Language. She currently works as an SLP at CI Pediatric Therapy Center in Madison, Wisconsin. In addition to helping kids with developmental disabilities communicate, Brigitte has experience in neurological rehabilitation, acute care, schools, research, and international health care. Outside of work, Brigitte enjoys reading, biking, and hiking!

From a recipient of speech and language therapy to a therapist herself, Brigitte will explain the vast and growing field of speech and language pathology. She will share the wide range of opportunities to help others to communicate, eat, build friendships, sing, share ideas, and express themselves from birth through geriatrics. In addition, she will explain the necessary training to become a therapist, why the need for a therapist is daily growing, and what a typical day looks like across various settings.