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From Peanuts to Snapchat: Finding Passion in Your Career - View the video

Kayla  Schmidt

Kayla Schmidt
Agent Initiatives Associate

25 West Main Street, Suite 800
Madison, WI 53703


Career Clusters / Help Topics:

  • Business Management and Administration
  • Marketing

Kayla Schmidt leads efforts for the customer service agent community. Starting at Zendesk as a Tier 1 support agent and eventually running the award­winning Zendesk Snapchat channel, she now works in Zendesk’s office of the CEO to create content and events to help today’s customer support agents become the support leaders of tomorrow. .

Driving a 26 ­foot long peanut on wheels across the country and running a company’s Snapchat account are just two of the many crazy roles Kayla Schmidt has held in her career journey. Hear how every job, whether it’s working in a factory or an office, can be a lesson for finding what you love to do. Kayla currently works in the office of the CEO at Zendesk, a customer support software company, where she creates content and events for the customer service agent community.