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Heather  Wentler

Heather Wentler
Executive Director
Doyenne Group

821 E. Washington Ave. #200-D
Madison, WI 53703


Career Clusters / Help Topics:

  • Entrepreneurs

Heather Wentler is an advocate for women and girls to be recognized as strong, independent individuals capable of success. Professionally trained as an educator and taught for 5 years, Heather pivoted into entrepreneurship as a way to connect with and advocate for women and girls in ways she couldn’t in the traditional classroom. Heather is the founder of Fractal, founder of Madison SOUP, and Executive Director & Co-founder of Doyenne. Heather has won multiple local awards and has been publically recognized for entrepreneurship and the work she does in the community. She serves on various committees and Advisory Boards from across Wisconsin to make sure diversity and inclusion is a top priority for organizations and conferences focusing on entrepreneurship.

Women entrepreneurs are the best bet when it comes to leading successful ventures. Women outperform their male counterparts when it comes to higher revenues, local impact, less capital required, and higher exits; even with all of the numbers in women’s favor, women are still not given the same notoriety and seen as “what a successful entrepreneur looks like”. Doyenne is changing this. We have created a model to change the face of entrepreneurship, even the playing field, and demand the community takes notice if we want to continue to have sustainable economies where everyone thrives.