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Owning your own business, is it for you and is it going to suck? Video Coming Soon

Kimberly Zahasky

Kimberly Zahasky
Blue River Chiropractic/ Natural Family Expo/ The Professional Optimist

346 Junction Rd
Madison, WI 53562


Career Clusters / Help Topics:

  • Business Management and Administration
  • Entrepreneurs

Kimberly Zahasky is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who helps people to become their best versions of themselves in a few different ways. She co-owns Blue River Chiropractic with her husband Ben (the Chiropractor of the office) and as the R.N. runs their corporate wellness and community outreach programs. Ben and Kimberly have 3 kids and a so-ugly-it’s-cute bulldog. Together they are passionate about helping local families to be as healthy and pain free as possible. Kimberly also owns the Natural Family Expo with another local business-woman, where they bring over 4000 Madison-area residents and 80 local businesses together to promote family fun and health and wellness. Lastly, in 2015 Kimberly founded The Professional Optimist by which she speaks and consults with individuals and businesses to build a strategy and action plan to become better and help others

Being an entrepreneur can sound glamorous and free. Very few people know the hard work that goes into it. Yet, for the right person, it may be the key to freedom that you are looking for. In this engaging and candid talk, Kimberly Zahasky will discuss why you might want to chance it all and how to get started. Have an idea that might just change the world? Start with this talk to gain the bravery you will need.