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American Transmission Company Real Estate: A career in Right-of-way! - View the video

Julie Hanson

Julie Hanson
Senior Real Estate Representative
American Transmission Company, LLC

5303 Fen Oak Drive
Madison, WI 53718-8810


Career Clusters / Help Topics:

  • Marketing

In 2004, I was offered a position at American Transmission Company as a part-time Real Estate Technical Assistant while also pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Business Management. During college, I chose Real Estate courses as electives to learn about this industry as it aligned with my company. To advance my career, I obtained a Real Estate Salesperson License and eventually a Broker’s License through the Wisconsin Realtor’s Association. My education and credentialing helped me advance to a Real Estate Representative specializing in right-of-way. I have also had the honor of receiving my Senior Right-of-Way designation (SR/WA) through the International Right-of-Way Association through continuing education and experience over the last 13 years.

When you think of a career in Real Estate, you typically think of buying and selling houses. At American Transmission Company, the Real Estate department buys rights-of-ways or easements from landowners, which gives our company the right to construct, operate and maintain our poles and wires. A career as a right-of-way representative includes acquiring and managing these real estate interests, including buying land in fee or easements, leases, contracts, permits with either landowners, corporations and governmental agencies. Julie will share her journey of beginning as a Real Estate Technical Assistant and her path to become a Senior Real Estate Representative, her responsibilities as a RE Representative, and educational requirements to become a right-of-way agent.