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Walter Williams

Walter Williams
Juvenile Court Worker
Dane County Juvenile Detention Center

City-County Building, Room 200
Madison, WI 53703


Career Clusters / Help Topics:

  • Government and Public Administration
  • Human Services
  • Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security

Walter Williams hails from the great city of Chicago and attended UW-Madison in fall of 2009. He obtained his degree in Rehabilitation Psychology winter of 2013. He loved the field so much that he is currently working on his Master’s degree in same program and will be finishing May 2016. In the community he serves as a Juvenile Court Worker at the Dane County Juvenile Detention Center. On campus, he serves as the Graduate Greek Advisor for two Greek Councils and as the Project Assistant for the Student Diversity Program in the School of Education. He’s involved in so many other things on campus and within the Madison community, needless to say, he believes in being a Servant to All.

Sometimes people are in rough circumstances and there never seems to be a way out. The field of Rehabilitation Psychology works with people facing issues such as physical or emotional disabilities, as well and drug and alcohol problems. As a juvenile court worker, Walter Williams uses counseling techniques from the field of Rehabilitation Psychology to help troubled teens combat some of the underlying issues they face on a daily basis. Williams shares highlights of his experience and guides students on careers helping others find a path to a better life. (Running Time 22:13)