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Staci Fritz

Staci Fritz
Calliope Ice Cream

22 N. Carroll St., #104
Madison, WI 53703


Career Clusters / Help Topics:

  • Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources
  • Business Management and Administration
  • Entrepreneurs

Staci Fritz has a two-year degree in Applied Graphics, and has worked as a graphic designer and copywriter since 1996. For the past nine years she’s been at Ian’s Pizza in Madison, working a variety of jobs there, including marketing manager, copywriter, office manager, and account executive. Through her connections at Ian’s she was able to become part owner of Calliope Ice Cream, where she is involved in all aspects of the food product development business.

Have you thought about starting a small food business? Staci Fritz has been working with Calliope Ice Cream for 3½ years, building an ice cream business from its very beginnings in a restaurant basement making 8 pints at a time. And now having expanded into grocery stores and restaurants in the Madison area bringing the production to batches of 1200 pints at a time. Staci shares insight on the challenges and rewards of food product development. (Running Time 23:51)