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Eric Hohol

Eric Hohol
Plant Manager
DuPont Nutrition & Health

3322 Agriculture Drive
Madison, WI 53716

Website: http://www.food.dupont.com

Career Clusters / Help Topics:

  • Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources
  • Business Management and Administration
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Eric Hohol is an industrial microbiologist with over 22 years of experience in the food ingredients manufacturing industry in positions of increasing responsibility in many functional areas including plant management, global purchasing management, contract manufacturing management, product line management, capital project management, quality control management, quality assurance and food safety management, supply chain management, and culture manufacturing process technology development. Eric is a licensed Public Health Sanitarian in the State of Wisconsin, a Registered Microbiologist with the American Society for Microbiology, and has over 21 years of industrial microbiology experience in the manufacture of live lactic acid bacteria cultures for commercial applications in agriculture, food and health. Eric has enhanced his professional work experience with both appointed and elected leadership positions in local and regional government and through leadership roles with a number of non-profit corporations and industry associations. Eric is currently the site manager and plant manager of DuPont’s Madison Wisconsin operations. The DuPont Nutrition & Health plant located in Madison manufactures a variety of food products and ingredients used in everyday food items, many of them found in local grocery stores, including starter cultures used in the production of cheese, yogurt, buttermilk, sour cream; probiotic cultures used for their health promoting effects on the digestive system of humans and animals; and other food ingredients such as food antioxidants for food preservation and enzymes used in cheese manufacturing. In addition to food production, the Madison site conducts extensive innovation, research and development activities in the fields of food science, microbiology and molecular biology. The Madison site first began food production in 1906 as Marschall Dairy Laboratories and has since gone through several ownerships including Miles Laboratories, Rhone-Poulenc, Rhodia, Danisco and now DuPont.

Eric Hohol has had a robust career working in many aspects of food and bio-ingredient manufacturing. Starting out more than 20 years ago as a bacteriology technician at a chicken processing company, Eric has moved through the industrial microbiology field, taking on many challenges in quality control, food safety and other aspects of the manufacturing process. Currently he is Plant Manager of DuPont Nutrition & Health in Madison where he oversees 200 people in the production of live bacterial cultures and other food ingredients for the food, agriculture and dietary supplement industries. He also is a State of Wisconsin registered and licensed public health sanitarian. (Running Time 25:09)