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Roy Elkins

Roy Elkins
Founder and CEO
Broadjam Inc.

100 S. Baldwin Street, Suite 204
Madison, WI 53703


Career Clusters / Help Topics:

  • Arts, Audio/Video Technology and Communications
  • Business Management and Administration
  • Entrepreneurs

Roy Elkins is a well-known music technology entrepreneur who has been leading industry innovations for over twenty years. Elkins is the Founder and CEO of Broadjam Inc., serving independent musicians and industry giants such as The Academy of Country Music, Warner/Chappell, Peavey, and others., the company’s popular independent web site now hosts over 120,000 artists and 500,000 songs. The site is known for its musician-friendly services, including website hosting, artist profiles, reviews, contests, transmit mechanism, charts, download sales and deliveries to radio, film, TV and advertisers. Before founding Broadjam, Elkins was the Vice President-Sales & Marketing for Sonic Foundry, and held several Director-level positions with Ensoniq Corporation. He maintains a database of over 5,000 music industry contacts including executives at virtually every company in the music industry and past and/or present clients such as Les Paul, D.J. Jazzy Jeff, the Beach Boys, the Allman Brothers, BoyzIIMen, Joe Walsh, ELP, Yes, Journey, Skid Row, Randy Jackson, Will Smith and many others. He is a musician and songwriter who thoroughly understands the musician’s world.

A musician himself and creator of Broadjam, one of the world’s largest web communities for independent musicians, Roy Elkins has a wealth of knowledge about how the music technology industry works. Learn about the career paths in the technological and intellectual property fields of the music industry. This includes opportunities with music instrument manufacturers and retailers, record labels, publishers, radio, television, performance venues and internet technology companies. Students will get a vast overview of the ever expanding opportunities in the music technology world. (Running Time 23:03)