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Stacy Harbaugh

Stacy Harbaugh
Communications and Outreach Coordinator
Midwest Environmental Advocates

612 W. Main Street, Suite 302
Madison, WI 53703

Career Clusters / Help Topics:

  • Arts, Audio/Video Technology and Communications

Stacy Harbaugh has a Bachelors Degree in Sociology from Ball State University and studied Women's Studies at Mankato State University. Her interests in communications work originated as an undergrad when she wrote for her campus newspaper, but it is her commitment to social justice that led her to work for nonprofit organizations. Currently she works as the Communications and Outreach Coordinate for Midwest Environmental Advocates, a nonprofit, nonpartisan environmental law center working to help citizens defend their natural resources for this generation and the next. The organization provides legal and technical support for citizens who are working for clean water, air, land and government. Previously Stacy served as the Communications Director for the American Civil Liberties Union of Wisconsin. In her free time, she is an avid knitter, camper and tweeter.

Whether you are reading the news on your smartphone, watching a documentary on PBS or seeing a public service announcement on the back of a bus, people spend a lot of time, energy and money to help you know how the world works, who to vote for or even what soda to buy. Changing the world begins with awareness, and communications work is essential for getting people to understand an issue and care enough to do something to make the world a better place. Learn more about some of the skills, classes and experience you can build to become a communications professional and advocate for a better, more just world. (Running Time 21:16)