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Alexia Rebne

Alexia Rebne
Occupational Therapist
UW-Madison Occupational Therapy Program

2170 Medical Science Center, 1300 University Ave.
Madison, WI 53706

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  • Health Science

Alexia Rebne is a practicing Occupational Therapist who shares time between patient care, and education. Alexia graduated from UW-Madison in 2005, with a Bachelor’s degree in Rehabilitation Psychology. She then completed a Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy at UW-Madison in 2007. Alexia has been practicing occupational therapy in a post-acute rehabilitation setting since 2008, and she has been employed by UW-Madison since 2010. While working in rehabilitation, Alexia enjoys assisting adults through their recovery process, helping them to gain the independence and skills needed to return to their previous roles and living environments. In education, Alexia enjoys promoting education for current and prospective MS-OT students, helping students achieve the education and pathways required to become successful Occupational Therapists.

If you are interested in a healthcare profession that assists people of all ages, a career in Occupational Therapy may be a path to consider. Also called OT, these healthcare experts, help people across the lifespan simply develop, recover or maintain daily living and working skills. Alexia Rebne is a practicing Occupational Therapist who shares real-world insight on the educational needs to get into the field and the rewards of working in this growing healthcare profession. (Running Time 24:45)