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Becca Berkenstadt

Becca Berkenstadt
Owner & Digital Marketing Specialist
Worldly Strategies, LLC

Digital Drive
Madison, Wisconsin 53711


Career Clusters / Help Topics:

  • Arts, Audio/Video Technology and Communications
  • Marketing

Becca Berkenstadt is a dreamer, a realist and a bona fide right brained Type A personality. In 2011, Berkenstadt graduated with honors from DePaul University (Chicago, IL) with a degree in Marketing and Management. She is originally from Madison but has also lived in Madrid Spain and Sydney Australia. Berkenstadt’s internet marketing knowledge and expertise stems from founding her own digital marketing company Worldly Strategies, LLC in 2008 and her experience working for Networked Insights (Madison, WI), The Coleman Entrepreneurship Center (Chicago, IL), and Blackglass (Sydney, Australia). In addition to her hands-on experience in the marketing field, Berkenstadt has certificates in Pay-Per-Click Marketing, Online Marketing, and Website Design from DePaul University’s Continuing Education Program, a certificate in Mobile Marketing from Sydney University’s Continuing Education Program, and is a Google Adwords Certified Professional as well as Marin Certified.

The digital marketing world is continuously transforming at the speed of light and it is important to have a vision for the future as well as stay grounded in the present. In order for young people to thrive in the digital marketing arena in the next five years and beyond they must be ready to analyze online marketing trends and adapt to the changing market. They must plan and prepare for tomorrow today, essentially learning how to consistently absorb and retain knowledge while executing strategies in the present. These are some of the lessons Becca Berkenstadt had to ascertain in order to be a successful digital marketing professional and business owner. She is excited to share her experiences and a few industry secrets with the next generation of bright individuals. (Running Time 22:50)