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Amanda Ramer

Amanda Ramer
Registered Nurse - Pediatrics
St. Mary's Hospital

700 S. Park Street
Madison, WI 53715

Career Clusters / Help Topics:

  • Health Science

For as long as she can remember, Amanda Ramer always wanted to be a nurse. She wanted to take care of others in their time of need, especially children. Amanda is a 2004 Graduate of Edgewood College with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Her first job was at St. Mary’s Hospital on an Intermediate Care unit taking care of respiratory compromised patient’s, even some of the most serious cases of patients with tracheotomies and those on ventilators. She always knew her passion was working with children, but this first nursing experience was invaluable. Amanda transferred to St. Mary’s Pediatrics area in 2007 and has loved the transition. Since her move, she has been trained as a general Pediatric Floor Nurse, a Sedation Nurse, and a Pediatric Intensive Care Nurse.

In the world of Pediatric Medicine, nurses encounter a wide range of patients; from infants that are just hours old, to young adults up to age 21. Pediatric Nurses often never know what the day will hold, caring for patients of varying developmental levels, family involvement, and a variety of diagnoses, from surgical to medical. Amanda Ramer shares insight on the career and what it takes to succeed in the specialized area. (Running Time 20:41)