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Marilyn  Rastall

Marilyn Rastall
St. Mary's Hospital

700 S. Park Street
Madison, WI 53715

Career Clusters / Help Topics:

  • Health Science

Marilyn Rastall is a Registered Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer. She graduated from Western Technical College (formerly WWTC) in La Crosse, Wis., with a degree in Radiology Technology. In the early part of her career, she was an X-Ray Technologist but eventually went on to become an Echosonographer, providing diagnostic testing for heart patients. Rastall has spent the last 25 of her 35-year career performing echocardiograms on both adult and pediatric patients. Her work has also included assisting with Stress Echo tests and Tranesophageal Echo, which now includes 3-D technologies and with new 4-D on the horizon. She worked for 20 years at Gunderson Clinic in LaCrosse and spent time at the Aurora Health System in Milwaukee before going to St. Mary’s Hospital in Madison. As well, Rastall has worked as a travelling Echosonographer throughout her career taking on job assignments in California, Florida and Wisconsin. She plans to go back to travelling sonography work in 2013.

Technology has come a long way in helping diagnose all kinds of health issues including cardiac problems. Echosonographers use ultrasound technology to get a look at what’s going on with a person’s heart. This session explores the world of an “Echo Tech” as an important link between doctor and patient. How does the technology work and what kind of advances are ahead? Marilyn Rastall shares her experiences and what you can expect with a career in Echocardiography. (Running Time 19:02)