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Brooke Hushagen

Brooke Hushagen
Forestry Technician
WI Department of Natural Resources

N3344 Stebbins Road
Poynette, WI 53955

Career Clusters / Help Topics:

  • Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources

Brooke Hushagen grew up on a dairy farm in the Driftless Region of Southwestern WI, loved horses, but loathed working in the tobacco fields. Always outdoors as a child, a career path exercise in middle school led her towards a career in Natural Resources, which she found to be a perfect fit. Brooke attended Vermilion Community College in Ely, MN, and earned an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Natural Resource Technology. After college she landed a job with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources as a Limited Term Employee in Northern Wisconsin doing regeneration surveys in pine plantations, and then later worked for the US Forest Service on the Chippewa National Forest in Walker, MN, on a timber marking and fire crew. Brooke has worked for the DNR as a Forestry Technician in Poynette for the past 12 years, and has traveled to many states fighting wildfires, with and without the help of her trusty bulldozer. Brooke is married with three beautiful daughters. The family has a basset hound, 2 goats and 4 chickens on their tract of land. In her spare time she enjoys canoeing the Boundary Waters of MN when the weather is nice, softball and shooting pool on Ladies Night, and spending time in the outdoors teaching her girls the difference between a white pine and a white oak tree.

If you like the outdoors, could drive a bulldozer, are not afraid of fire, and like hanging around a big fuzzy bear, a career as a Forestry Technician might be for you. Brooke Hushagen shares insight on the career that is as diverse as Wisconsin’s changing seasons. From helping to suppress wildfires, to making appearances with Smokey Bear and writing forestry management plans, a Forestry Technician’s career serves up challenges beyond a typical day in the office. Learn what kinds of special training, equipment and skills are involved in this truly hot job! (Running Time 20:13)