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Mark Meisegeier

Mark Meisegeier
Dental Hygienist
Jody Schilling Periodontics

2501 W. Beltline Hwy, Suite 205
Madison, WI 53713

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  • Health Science

Originally from the Eau Claire, Wis. area, Mark Meisegeier graduated from the dental hygiene program at Madison College (formerly known as Madison Area Technical College) in 1997. He is a Registered Dental Hygienist and currently works at Jody Schilling Periodontics in Madison, Wis. Mark has been specializing in periodontal work for about 15 years, which focuses on diseases of the mouth and all the structures that support the teeth. Mark is one of very few men in the dental hygiene field, but is not deterred by that fact. He enjoys the work and likes helping patients care for their teeth and give them important health education. Mark advises those considering a future as a dental hygienist, to work as a dental assistant first, or do other tasks for a dental office, to get a feel for the career before starting school.

Many people may think the role of a dental hygienist is to clean teeth and churn out pretty smiles. But the profession goes far beyond simply scraping teeth. As medicine has advanced, we’ve come to know the link between diseases of the mouth other health issues such as heart disease. For more than 15 years, Mark Meisegeier has been a dental hygienist specializing in periodontal disease. He’s also one of very few men who have taken on the profession. Mark shares insight on the critical role hygienists play in patient care and encourages other young people to consider a career in this rewarding dental career. (Running Time 20:35)