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Jim Berkenstadt

Jim Berkenstadt
Author & Researcher
The Rock And Roll Detective®, LLC

4230 E. Towne Blvd., No. 254
Madison, WI 53704

Website: rocknrolldetective.blogspot.com

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  • Arts, Audio/Video Technology and Communications
  • Business Management and Administration
  • Entrepreneurs

Jim Berkenstadt is the Rock And Roll Detective®. A true Sherlock Holmes, Berkenstadt uncovers the lost history and mysteries hidden within decades of popular music. An international authority on The Beatles, he has co-authored three other books: Black Market Beatles; The Beatles Digest; Nevermind Nirvana; and edited John, Paul & Me: Before The Beatles. Berkenstadt has consulted to The Beatles, George Harrison and Martin Scorsese on numerous projects. He lives in Wisconsin. Rock And Roll Detective® LLC was founded by Jim Berkenstadt in 1991. The company is dedicated to providing production, publishing, writing, research, social media and content creation for the entertainment industry. Rock And Roll Detective® serves film & TV producers, record labels, musicians, collectors and museums, by locating memorabilia, photos, lost recordings, and providing research and documentation.

An attorney by training, Jim Berkenstadt left the legal world behind and turned his passion for rock and roll from a hobby into a career. As the Rock And Roll Detective® Berkenstadt has researched and written scores of articles, blogs and books on the topic of rock and roll including: “The Beatle Who Vanished,” “Nevermind Nirvana” and “Black Market Beatles.” He created a niche in the entertainment world that has allowed him to be a consultant to the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame, VH1 Behind The Music, Dick Clark Productions and director Martin Scorsese, to name a few. Berkenstadt will discuss how it’s possible to take your passion and build upon it into a career. (Running Time 24:14)