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Jonathan Garvey

Jonathan Garvey
Nursing Professional Development Specialist
Meriter Health Services

202 S. Park Street
Madison, WI 53715

Career Clusters / Help Topics:

  • Health Science

Upon graduation from high school, Jonathan Garvey looked to pursue a bachelor’s degree in biology, but his mother provided some sound advice, suggesting he consider starting his college experience by obtaining a nursing license. Within a year or two, he would be able to become licensed as a nurse and make a respectable wage, then use those college credits toward completion of a bachelor’s degree of his choice. He took her advice, obtained his LPN, and while pursuing his BS in Biology, was able to work as a nurse at long term care facilities. He gained experience and started to realize that nursing was rewarding in ways beyond the financial benefits. Upon completion of his degree, Jonathan decided to pursue his RN and learned of a post-bachelor’s accelerated program. In less than two years, he had a Master’s degree in nursing and soon started work at a small regional hospital on the Medical Surgical nursing unit. From there Jonathan moved to Madison and found a position on an inpatient cardiac unit at Meriter Hospital, where he was challenged to increase his skills to meet the demands of caring for critical patients. He continued to take graduate classes online and became aware of the specialty of Nursing Informatics, an area that deals with the tools of electronic health records. He decided to leave the bedside and take on that challenge and eventually also delved into the area of nursing education. Today Jonathan serves as a Nursing Professional Development Specialist where he helps ready new and existing nurses as they take on the daily care of hospital patients.

The field of nursing is consistently voted to be the most trusted profession. Whether personally or through the care of a loved one, most of us have been touched by the caring hands of a nurse. The U.S. Department of Labor estimates a 26 percent increase in nursing positions through the year 2020. And while nursing is commonly a career choice for women, a growing need for these frontline healthcare providers may interest more men into entering the field as well. Jonathan Garvey shares his experiences as a male nurse at Madison’s Meriter Hospital. What is the day-to-day like and what kinds of patient care settings and other behind-the-scenes roles could all future nurses find themselves working in. (Running Time 25:09)