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Beth Ann Nylander

Beth Ann Nylander
Sr. Quality Leader, Nutrition Applications
Kraft Foods Inc.

910 Mayer Avenue
Madison , WI 53704

Career Clusters / Help Topics:

  • Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Beth Ann Nylander graduated from UW-Madison with a Chemical Engineering degree and then went to work for International Paper Company in the Fox Cities. After six years with the company, including relocation to Ohio, she joined the Oscar Mayer division of Kraft Foods back in Madison, WI. In her 12 years with the company, she’s had a variety of roles primarily within the research and development function. Currently Beth Ann is in charge of the nutrition applications and regulatory group - which is basically ensuring that all Oscar Mayer products are correctly labeled. In her spare time, Beth Ann enjoys working with her hands on landscaping or remodeling projects, or getting outside on her bicycle or cross-country skis.

When people think of working in the food industry, they don’t normally think of someone having an engineering degree. However, there are many skills that one learns as an engineer, especially as a chemical engineer, that make the field an excellent one in which to have a long term career. Beth Ann Nylander will share her insight about those attributes and how she has been able to apply them in the many varied roles that she’s had while working for Kraft Foods. (Running Time 22:13)