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Sonya Newenhouse

Sonya Newenhouse
Madison Environmental Group, Inc.

25 N. Pinckney
Madison, WI 54665

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Sonya Newenhouse, Ph.D., is the Founder and President of Madison Environmental Group where she leads the creative and resourceful staff. She has more than 10 years experience in qualitative method development, waste management and recycling, and community outreach. She is also the President of Community Car LLC, a car-sharing program in Madison that she founded in 2003 after calculating that renting a car for her weekend errands was cheaper than owning her paid off Honda Accord. Recently, Sonya launched a third green business – NewenHouse – which involves super-insulated kit homes designed for those who want to live lightly on the earth. The smaller sized, sustainable homes don’t even need a furnace. Sonya also serves on numerous civic and environmental committees and boards. She speaks Swedish and is proficient in French. Sonya received her undergraduate business degree from Michigan State University and went on to earn both her Master’s and a Ph.D. from the Nelson Institute of Environmental Studies at UW-Madison. She is also currently an adjunct lecturer at the UW teaching a Master’s course on sustainability.

Could you build a super-insulated green home in Wisconsin that doesn’t even need a furnace? Sonya Newenhouse did. NewenHouse kit homes are small, sustainable homes for people who want to live lightly on the earth. The endeavor is the most recent green business created by Sonya as the head of Madison Environmental Group. She also started Madison’s first car-sharing program, Community Car in 2003, after learning how much Carbon Dioxide is emitted into the air by burning just one gallon of gas. Sonya will share her eco-entrepreneurial career path that started by selling tomatoes in middle school to the recent launching of her third green business at the age of 45. Sonya will describe how her passions influenced her career and work choices. (Running Time 23:49)