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Che' Stedman

Che' Stedman
Lieutenant, Firefighter/Paramedic
Madison Fire Department

325 W. Johnson St.
Madison, Wisconsin 53703

Career Clusters / Help Topics:

  • Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security

Che’ Stedman is a Lieutenant on the Madison Fire Department. He’s been on the city’s department as a firefighter/paramedic for 15 years. In addition to that, Che’ is also a crash/rescue “firemedic” in the U.S. Air Force Air National Guard. In that capacity, Stedman serves as the Fire Chief of the Crash/Rescue Fire Dept. at the 115th Fighter Wing in Madison, WI.

What is it like to be one of the first people on the scene of a fire or an accident? What kind of training do you need to not only fight fires, but also take care of patients’ medical needs? Is a day in the life of a paramedic really like what you see on TV? Hear firsthand knowledge from one of Madison’s longtime firefighter/paramedics. Che’ Stedman will outline the education and training requirements to become a paramedic on a city fire department. He’ll also relay his experiences as a “firemedic” with the Air National Guard. (Running Time 22:37)