Surgical Technologist: Inside the Operating Room - View the video

Maureen Vick

Maureen Vick
Surgical Technologist
Stoughton Hospital

900 Ridge Street
Stoughton, WI 53589

Career Clusters / Help Topics:

  • Health Science

Maureen Vick always had an interest in the medical field and as a young adult thought she might want to become a nurse. Instead, life led her into the world of aviation, where she worked as a flight attendant for five years. After several years raising a family, Maureen dove back into her career in 2006, and finally landed in her desired area of interest, medicine. She began working at Stoughton Hospital as a Health Unit Coordinator, where she helped track the care of patients on the surgical floor. From there, she received additional training to become a Certified Nursing Assistant, in order to help with more hands-on care of patients. Those experiences sparked an interest in learning what she could do to help correct patients’ problems, short of becoming a doctor or nurse. Maureen went back to school, attended Madison College, and earned her certification in Surgical Technology.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work in an operating room? It’s not just surgeons and nurses who are involved. This session explores the role of a Surgical Technologist, an important member of the operating team. Learn what kind of education and training are involved from Maureen Vick, a Surgical Tech who’s marking one year on the job at Stoughton Hospital. Maureen shares what a typical day is like in the OR and why she thinks it’s truly a privilege to see inside the human body. (Running Time 23:16)