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Jeff Mayers

Jeff Mayers

14 W. Mifflin St. No. 222
Madison, WI 53703

Career Clusters / Help Topics:

  • Arts, Audio/Video Technology and Communications
  • Government and Public Administration

Jeff Mayers is president of, an online political and government news service in Madison that operates,,, and other news services., the flagship news service, launched in June 2000. A former AP editor and reporter and political writer for the Wisconsin State Journal, Mayers has been in the news business since graduating from George Washington University in 1981. He also has a graduate degree from UW-Madison. In addition, Mayers has been involved in several book projects, co-authoring "Wisconsin Golf Getaways'' and "Exploring Wisconsin Trout Streams'' and editing "Catching Big Fish on Light Fly Tackle" by Tom Wendelburg. He also has written articles and columns for a variety of state, regional and national publications.

Wisconsin experienced historical demonstrations in early 2011 with the passing of the controversial Budget Repair Bill, Act 10. News media, the public and politics collided. By example, veteran Wisconsin journalist Jeff Mayers, president of, provides insight on the role of traditional and social media in this historic event and the careers involved. Jeff also provides an insider’s viewpoint on the roles of elected officials, legislators and unions vs. the media., a comprehensive online news service, combines traditional and social media to provide policymakers with almost instantaneous updates on the workings of Wisconsin state government, political happenings and business news. (Running Time 21:45)