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Tiffany  Birkrem

Tiffany Birkrem
Dental Hygienist
First Choice Dental Group

621 South Park St.
Madison, WI 53715


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  • Health Science

Tiffany Birkrem, RDH, attended Madison Area Technical College and Northwest Technical College for the career of Dental Hygiene. She graduated in 2005 from Madison College with honors and was a member of Phi Theta Kappa, an international honor society for two-year colleges. Tiffany was drawn to Dentistry by her desire to directly help and interact with people on a daily basis. Prior to her entering the career of Dental Hygiene, Tiffany worked for a financial institute, which she feels helps her have an appreciation for the business and operational end of a dental practice, as well. In addition to her love for dentistry, Tiffany loves sports and nature. She spends most of her time training for various athletic activities or hiking and camping with her husband and son.

Most people have had an appointment with a Dental Hygienist, but few may understand the full impact a hygienist can have. A growing body of research links oral health to overall health. In the typical one-hour appointment, a Dental Hygienist can positively impact a patient’s overall health with dental hygiene, periodontal maintenance, oral cancer screenings, head, neck and joint examinations and more. Technology has also had a huge impact on Dentistry in general, and this constantly improves the Hygienist’s ability to provide superior patient care. If you want to be a health care provider with a listening ear and a value for nutritional and overall wellness, Dental Hygiene may be the field for you. (Running Time 22:45)